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VOICES OF RUIN are an excellent, excellent new band. And if you’re a fan of Melodic Death Metal then Born From the Dark is an absolute must-have for your collection.

             - Amps and Green Screens

VOICES OF RUIN have been cutting their teeth in the highly competitive Southern California metal scene since 2007.  From early on, the band received accolades for their devastating live performances all across the local metal circuit and soon went into the studio to record their first full length album. Into Oblivion was recorded in 2010 by engineer/producer Chris Eck.


In the wake of this explosive release was a string of high profile live shows opening for international acts all over Southern California.  Soon afterward, VOICES OF RUIN embarked on tours all over the west coast.  Members shifted and VOICES OF RUIN found their ultimate lineup with the brothers Dave and Tom Barrett on vocals and lead guitar, Solid Sleeve on rhythm, Wally Myers on bass, and Lonnie Van Horn handling the percussive duties.


After much deliberation, the band settled upon up-and-coming producer Scott Fuller (ABYSMAL DAWN, ANNIHILATED) to record the album Born From The Dark in 2015.  With his discerning ear and passion for music, Scott quickly became the "6th member" of the band and proceeded to record the ultimate VOICES OF RUIN album - "Born From The Dark". 


VOICES OF RUIN is now playing shows in support of their new album.  "Born From the Dark" has been receiving awesome reviews from the critics and the band is playing tighter than ever.

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Dave Barrett - Vocals
Tom Barrett - Lead Guitar
Sleeve Calton - Rhythm Guitar
Wally Myers - Bass
Lonnie Van Horn - Drums
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