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Origin:  Orange County, CA


Genre:  Melodic Death Metal


Years Active:  2007 - Present


Label:  M-Theory Audio



Short Bio

VOICES OF RUIN is a devastating melodic death metal band that hails from Southern California.  They seamlessly blend the ferocious sound of modern death metal with the epic melodic sound from Scandinavia and execute it to perfection.  Their latest album "Path to Immortality" has received praise worldwide and is being hailed by critics as an essential melodic death metal release that stands alongside the best albums in the genre.

VOICES OF RUIN is known for their high energy and absolutely crushing live performance.  The band has toured throughout North America, Europe, and Japan alongside high profile metal bands like Vader, Internal Bleeding, and Hate.  Their intense live performance has also won them the USA championship at the 2018 Wacken Metal Battle.  Having bested hundreds of bands in the US, VOICES OF RUIN was honored to shred the stage to a packed audience at the biggest metal fest in the world - Wacken Open Air in Germany.


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New Single - I AM GOD

I AM GOD - Voices of Ruin
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The Awakening - Voices of Ruin
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The Black Horizon - Voices of Ruin
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VOICES OF RUIN is the 2018 USA Wacken Metal Battle Champion and has performed on the WET stage at Wacken 2018.  The band has toured in Europe, Japan, and all across America
VOICES OF RUIN has performed with the following international acts:

Dark Tranquillity    Insomnium    Finntroll    Ensiferum    Mors Principium EST    Wolfheart    Carach Angren    Trivium   Devildriver    Chimera    Watain    Skeletonwitch    The Devin Townsend Project    Tesseract    Rotten Sound    Dillinger Escape Plan    Animals as Leaders    Vital Remains    Morbid Angel    Cattle Decapitation    Abysmal Dawn    Fallujah    Vried    Kampfar    Omnium Gatherum    The Absence    Metal Church    Powerman 5000    Veil of Maya    The Kennedy Veil    Necronomicon    Warbringer    Exmortus    Amorphis    Swallow the Sun    3 Inches of Blood    Starkill    Unearth    Decripit Birth    Aeon    Dying Fetus    Vader    Origin    Gorguts    Internal Bleeding    Fleshgore    Sacrificial Slaughter    Micawber


Label:| M-Theory Audio |


Booking/PR: Dave Barrett |

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